2023 Fanatic Aero Glide Front Wing

2023 Fanatic Aero Glide Front Wing

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2023 Fanatic Aero Glide Front Wing


  • MODERN HIGH ASPECT - Modern high aspect designs with fast and efficient profiles offering a great mix of glide, pump, speed and responsive turning
  • STRUCTURAL STRENGTH - High structural strength offers direct response and very intuitive behavior without delay
  • HIGHLY PERFORMANT STABILIZERS - Low drag and highly performant new range of Stabilizers
  • OPTIMIZED FLEX - Specifically developed layup and Carbon fibre orientation defining the flex of the wing
  • RECESSED MOUNTING - Recessed mounting area for minimum drag transition from wing to fuselage
  • EXTREMELY RIGID - Extremely rigid Mast/Fuselage setup offering direct and predictable steering
Mike 05/07/2024


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