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Atomic T3 DIN to Yoke Adapter Titanium


Atomic T3 DIN to Yoke Adapter TitaniumThe Atomic Aquatics DIN to Yoke Adapter is a threaded body with a standard, durable and lightweight titanium yoke and screw knob that will thread on to the Atomic DIN regulator inlet fitting, thus converting the DIN mode back to the conventional scuba yoking system. The Atomic DIN to Yoke Adapter is handy for t..


Atomic X1 Pro Package


Atomic X1 Pro PackageFins - Atomic X1 BladeFins deliver ultimate power and raw thrust. Firmer, shorter blades and a solid internal frame are attached to power plate foot pockets providing more control and better maneuverability in tight spaces. X1 Blade Fins are perfect for general diving, tech diving and alternate kicking styles like fro..

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