Slingshot Trainer Wing

Slingshot Trainer Wing

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Slingshot Trainer Wing


  • Choice of Slingshot Dart Wing
  • Leash 
  • Pump

This package is designed to familiarize you with winging. The shape of the Slingshot Dart lends itself perfectly to land exercises. Once you've mastered the basics, you can also take this wing out on the water and with a foil! 

Learning How to Fly Your Wing on the Beach

Here are a few tips to familiarize yourself with your wing and learn how to fly it on the beach:

Familiarize with the equipment: 

Start by familiarizing yourself with the wing and its components. Understand how to properly hold the wing, adjust its power, and control its position.

Wind awareness: 

Develop a good understanding of wind direction and strength. Practice observing the wind patterns on the beach, paying attention to factors like gusts and lulls. This knowledge will help you position yourself effectively and make the learning process smoother.

Wing handling: 

Spend time practicing wing handling on the beach before taking it into the water. Practice raising the wing overhead, steering it, and generating power by angling it properly. This will help you build muscle memory and coordination.

Body positioning: 

Pay attention to your body positioning. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and your body weight centered. This stance will help you maintain balance and stability as you control the wing.

Wind window: 

Understand the concept of the wind window, which refers to the three-dimensional space where the wind can propel the wing. Learn about the power zones within the wind window and how to position the wing to catch the most wind.

Wing control exercises:

Practice various wing control exercises on the beach. These may include making figure eights, powering up and depowering the wing, and practicing different hand positions. These exercises will help you develop a feel for the wing's power and responsiveness.

Simulate foiling movements: 

While on the beach, try simulating the movements and weight shifts involved in foiling. Lean back and forth, mimicking the movements you would make while riding a hydrofoil board. This will help you prepare for the balance and weight distribution required when you progress to the water. Use the wing to pull yourself to your feet as if knee starting. People don't realize it's the wing which pulls your body weight up.

Remember, learning to wing foil takes time and practice. It's important to start in suitable wind conditions and wear appropriate safety gear. If possible, consider taking lessons from a qualified instructor to ensure proper technique and safety.

What Slingshot has to say about the Dart Wing

In a category all its own, the Slingshot Dart sets a new standard in wings.

Finally, a hard-charging speed machine capable of rocket airs and unlimited hang time. Push The Dart and The Dart pushes right back. Designed to escape the monotony of low power wings meant for cruising swell, the Dart is an animal all its own. Speed records will be set, hang time will be counted.

If you are done drifting down swell and want to take your wing straight to the stratosphere, pushing boundaries in every dimension... grab a Dart and set your target.


  • Rigid frame for unlimited speed
  • Massive lift in jumps
  • Hangtime like you've dreamt about
  • Crazy full power tack angles
  • Harness line attachment points:
  • Soft Neoprene under LE Handle
  • Handles free from rough seams



Provides increased upwind angles and more powered jumping, while also functioning to keep the wingtips pulled in and the wing full of power under intense wind pressure.


Strategically placed Kevlar patches have been placed on areas of high abrasion (wingtips) to protect and reinforce from any ground friction that may occur.


Pigtail attachment points allow for quick connection of the Slingshot universal harness line.


Comfort and an easy grip make for longer sessions. A neoprene soft patch saves your knuckles and gives you a safe area to move and slide your hands while positioning the wing.


Stay connected to your wing by attaching the included wrist leash with a simple Larkshead knot onto the leash pigtail.

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