Kawasaki propeller for Kawasaki 2T (1100cc)

Kawasaki propeller for Kawasaki 2T (1100cc)

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Kawasaki propeller for Kawasaki 2T (1100cc)

  • Solas Concord or Dynafly Series propeller, in high quality stainless steel and polished finish for better fluidity and less turbulence in the turbine.
  • Optimized for the best performance in both acceleration and speed.

DisplacementModelYearturbine diameterFor original jetFor modified jet (several models possible depending on your modifications) take advice from our technicians
10711100 STX DI2001-2003148mmKG-CD-13/19KG-CD-11/17KG-CD-12/18KG-CD-14/20KG-CD-14/21
1100 STX DI2001-2003148mmKG-SC-X(16.5-24)KG-SC-X0(17-24.5)   
1100 STX97-98148mmKG-CD-13/19KG-CD-11/17KG-CD-12/18KG-CD-14/20KG-CD-14/21
1100 STX97-98148mmKG-SC-X(16.5-24)KG-SC-X0(17-24.5)   
1100 ZXi96-2003148mmKG-CD-13/19KG-CD-11/17KG-CD-12/18KG-CD-14/20KG-CD-14/21
1100 ZXi96-2003148mmKG-SC-X(16.5-24)KG-SC-X0(17-24.5) 

List of products reference

  • KG-CD-12/18
  • KG-CD-13/19
  • KG-CD-14/20
  • KG-CD-16/22
  • KG-DF-13/25
  • KG-SC-X(16.5/24)
  • KG-SC-XO(17/24.5)

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