Kawasaki Propeller For Kawasaki 2T (900cc)

Kawasaki Propeller For Kawasaki 2T (900cc)

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Kawasaki Propeller For Kawasaki 2T (900cc)

  • Solas Concord or Dynafly Series propeller, in high quality stainless steel and polished finish for better fluidity and less turbulence in the turbine.
  • Optimized for the best performance in both acceleration and speed.

DisplacementModelYearturbine diameterFor original jetFor modified jet (several models possible depending on your modifications) take advice from our technicians
891900 STX2001-2006148mmKG-CD-12/18KG-CD-11/17KG-CD-13/19KG-CD-14/20
900 STX / STS / Zxi95-2000140mmKF-SC-X(16-23)KF-SC-X0(18-23.5)KF-SC-XI(19-25) 
900 STX / STS / Zxi95-2000140mmKF-SC-I(16-21)KF-SC-J(17-22)  

List of products reference

  • KF-SC-I(16/21)
  • KF-SC-J(17/22)
  • KG-CD-12/18
  • KG-CD-13/19
  • KG-CD-14/20
  • KG-SC-X(16.5/24)
  • KG-SC-XO(17/24.5)

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