Freedom Foil Boards Halcyon 1030 Foil Kit

Freedom Foil Boards Halcyon 1030 Foil Kit

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Freedom Foil Boards Halcyon 1030 Foil Kit

The Halcyon 1030 is the perfect user friendly mid / high aspect front wing. Its unique blend of foil section, aspect ratio and outline allows for a well balanced and extremely predictable mid aspect feel, combined with the superior glide found in high aspect wings. This refined combination provides a smooth high end glide, mixed with the benefits of a low end and stable stall speed makes the Halcyon a suitable wing for a wide range of users across a diverse scope of ability levels. Whether you’re looking for a high-speed step up foil for Winging or a way to take your prone foil game to the next level, the Halcyon makes an excellent choice as a well rounded foil wing.

  • Internal Mast & Fuselage Connection - Stiffest Fit Possible
  • Tapered Bayonet Fuselage Locks Front Wing Into Place
  • Full Carbon Construction
  • Shortened Base Plate - Multiple Mounting Positions
  • 0°-1° Shims, Tools, & Stainless Steel Hardware Included
Package Includes
  • Haycyon 1030 Foil with Cover
  • FS 230 Stabilizer with Cover
  • 74cm Full Carbon Mast (29") with Cover
  • 60cm Carbon Fuselage (23.6")
  • Assembly Hardware, Tools and Track Mount Hardware
  • Padded Carry Bag

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