Jet ski Yamaha FX SVHO Cruiser Blue 2024

Jet ski Yamaha FX SVHO Cruiser Blue 2024

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Jet ski Yamaha FX SVHO Cruiser Blue 2024

FX Cruiser SVHO
The all-around excellence of the high-performance FX Cruiser SVHO is remarkable. This extremely comfortable cruiser, designed to cover long distances, is full of practical innovations and offers a 3-seater saddle. Then step on the gas and you discover the impressive sports machine ready to cut through the waves.

Performance without compromise.
The SVHO supercharged engine works seamlessly with the sleek fairings and lightweight NanoXcel2 hull to deliver impressive performance and stable, agile handling. All this is complemented by our revolutionary and intuitive RiDE™ control system.

State-of-the-art, fully electronic control systems make the FX Cruiser SVHO a leader in this important area, with features like Cruise-Assist, 3-position no-Wake mode, electronic reverse, and Thrust Directional Enhancement Control (TDE). control of directional improvement of Thrust)).

1,812 cc SVHO engine with injection and supercharger
Luxurious 2-tier Cruiser saddle for 3 people
Four-position tilt steering column
Electronic reverse with traction control
Industry's first color touchscreen dashboard
Revolutionary RiDE™ system, for exceptional maneuverability
Technologies Drive Mode, Low RPM Mode and Security Mode
Versatile support system for your accessories
Deep step and double handles for easy re-boarding
Drainage system at the footrests
Elegant fairings and NanoXcel2 hull

Engine type 4-cylinder compressor engine, Super Vortex High
Output (SVHO)
Wet sump lubrication
Compressor: Yes
Displacement 1,812cc
Bore x stroke 86mm × 78mm
Compression ratio 8.5:1
Turbine 160mm axial
Super unleaded fuel
EFI (electronic injection) fuel system
Fuel capacity 70L
Oil capacity 5.3L


    • Length 3.58m
      Width 1.27m
      Height 1.23m
      Dry weight 397 kg

        Strong points

        • Storage capacity 168.3L
          Capacity 1-3 people

        Delano 14/06/2024


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