JBL Speargun Woody Magnum

JBL Speargun Woody Magnum

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JBL Speargun Woody Magnum

Absolutely fast and accurate, the JBL Magnum Woody Elite Spear Gun features the most revolutionary 3-piece M10 trigger system. With 1/4" stainless laser-cut components and compound control design, it improves effortless and smooth trigger pull for better shooting experience. The 45° ergonomic handle with hex pattern add to accuracy and grip control. It is up to the shooter to practice Tahitian-style shooting with the JBL Magnum Woody Elite Spear Gun or detach flopper for another trick!

Technical Specs:

  • JBL Magnum Woody Elite Spear Gun
  • Made in California Factory
  • Superior-Quality Craftsmanship & Greater Quality Control
  • Combines Balance, Power & Weight
  • 45° Ergonomic Polymer Handle

African Mahogany Solid Stock:

  • All-Time Precision Accuracy
  • Legendary durability & Performance
  • Self-Opted Blank for Grain Pattern & Straightness
  • Quality Appearance & Quality Performance
  • M8 Three-Piece Legendary Trigger Mechanism
  • Stainless Steel Laser Cut Trigger
  • Compound Leverage Unique Design
  • Strongest Stainless 1/4" (6.35 mm) Components
  • Guarantees Effortless & Smooth Trigger Pull

17-4 Spring Hard-Bitten Steel Shafts:

  • Shaft: 54 x 5/16″ with Point, 3″ Tuned Flopper and 5/16″ threads (#S5-E54-F2A)
  • 17-4 Spring Corrosion Resistant Steel
  • Hand-Tuned Shaft Ensures Perfect Alignment
  • Heat Treatment Ensures Optimum Hardness
  • Guarantees Maximum Energy Transmission w-Reduced Flex
  • Threaded End: 5/16"
  • Shark Fins Like Tabs with Double Sling Capacity
  • Latex Sling w-Spectra Wire Wishbones
  • Dual Nitro Slings: 660 mm x 16 mm/(26" x 5/8")
  • Durability & Superior Strength
  • Provides Radical Modulus Power
  • Anti-Oxidants Provide Protection Against Ultra Violet Rays
  • 5/16"Threaded Tahitian-Style Spear Point w-Flopper Wing
  • Highly Absorptive Shock Line
  • Built-in Open Muzzle
  • Full Shaft Perfect Rail Contact Guarantees Maximum Accuracy
  • Perfect for Use OFF Beach or in the Blue Water
  • Gun Range: 8.5 meters/28'
  • Overall Length of Gun: 142.25 cm/56"
  • Positive Buoyancy Floatation

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