Holiday Diver Computer Package

Holiday Diver Computer Package

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Holiday Diver Computer Package

Package includes: 

  • -Screen Computer Wrist ( 3 color options) and Usb Cable Screen
    • SEAC Screen Wrist Dive Computer has a large screen with a simple user interface and large digits. Two button user interface let you navigate in and out of the menu with ease. Three dive modes Air, Nitrox and Gauge mode is all you need for recreational diving and Freediving. Device also calculates the NoFly times, desaturation times and the maximum altitude allowable for repetitive diving.
  • -Regulator Bag ( Dive Flag or Black)
    • The Edge Regulator Bag is made of strong Cordura Nylon and features a top carry handle, side pocket, and shoulder strap. It is the perfect size to fit your gear – Measures 11 X 11 x 4 inches. The padded design provides extra security and protection from everyday wear and tear.
  • -Deluxe Sil.Ylw Octo Keeper ( Yellow or Black)
    • Brass clips are top quality rust free brass clips for BCDs and are ideal for attaching stage cylinders to D rings. Easily operated whilst wearing thick gloves - perfect for connecting all your accessories to your BCD. Extra strong spring loaded clips ensure that you don't lose expensive equipment.
  • -Web Loop Console Holder ( Red or Black)
    • Durable and reliable web console holder with plastic clip.
  • -Mini Locking Retractor Long
    • Edge Mini Locking Retractor Long 36In Extension. Specially designed with an edge-locking system, it ensures that your device stays in place. Highly adjustable length makes it suitable for any application - from waiting rooms to outdoor events. Comes with its own clip which grants effortless attachment to belt loops and chairs.
  • -Edge DL-9 Marine 1000 LED Light
  • With this marine light diving torch you can find your way underwater. It has a maximum brightness output of 1000Lm and can be used upto 100 meters underwater. Made of PA66, Silicone, and Aluminum, it can be run-time over 12 hours.
  • -Moldable Mouthpiece ( 4 Colors to choose from)
    • Edge moldable mouthpiece just like a football mouthpiece is customizable to your personal teeth and jaw bite. It guarantees a solid grip in your mouth without stressing jaw muscles. The width of the teeth guards is smaller than standard mouthpieces, which makes it easier to create a seal around the mouthpiece with your lips for relaxed diving.

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