HOG Premium Sidemount Regulator Package

HOG Premium Sidemount Regulator Package

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HOG Premium Sidemount Regulator Package

HOG Intro to Tech Premium Regulator Package

Intro to Tech Premium Regulator Package contains everything you need for a setup in an Intro-to Tech configuration. 

D3 DIN First Stage

HOG’s newest and best Diaphragm Regulator yet. Balanced Diaphragm, 2 HP and 5 LP Ports, Compact size, routes like a balanced piston but is a Diaphragm! 5 Port LP Swivel rotates 360 degrees with hoses, unlike most tech swivel regulators.

Zenith Second Stage

The new Silicone Front cover design gives the advantage of a soft front cover without the "Rott away' feature other brands offer in their Front covers. New poppet material reduces friction in the barrel increasing performance. The HOG Second stage gives you ergonomic one-handed access to both the inhalation effort knob and the dive/predive venturi adjustment lever, making perfect regulator tuning easy. The rigid second-stage face cover and the positive-action purge button with diaphragm protection reduce the possibility for current-induced free flows and completely eliminate the possibility of diaphragm pinching seen with many flimsy rubber purge covers. The most important feature of the HOG technical second stage is the amazing breathing performance! The metal gas tube and precision components of this second stage allow for precision tuning for extremely easy breathing while also retaining heat and moisture from exhaled breath. This provides increased resistance to freezing in cold water and less dry mouth. The dual diver-adjustable features allow for condition-specific tuning during each stage of the dive.

Includes the following components:

  • - Hog D3 First Stages x 1 each
  • - Zenith Second Stage x 2 each
  • - Long EdgeFlex Hose up to 84" x 1 each
  • - Short EdgeFlex Hose up to 36" x 1 each
  • - SPG Gauges x 1 each
  • - EdgeFlex HP Hoses x 1 each
  • - 90-Degree or 110-Degree Second Stage Swivels x 2 each
  •  - EdgeFlex Inflator Hose up to 36" x 1 each
  •  - Bolt Snap Swivels x 2 each
  •  - Regulator Necklace x 1 each

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