Cressi SCUBA System Starter Package

Cressi SCUBA System Starter Package

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Cressi SCUBA System Starter Package

Package Includes:

This is your chance to get a great deal on a Scuba Regulator, Octopus, Instrument, and BCD Package! Be confident that all equipment is fully assembled by factory-trained certified scuba divers.  Cressi Solid BCD, Cressi Compact AC2 Regulator, Edge Nano Octopus, and Slimline 2 Gauge Console. Add an optional computer to this package for an upgraded special price.

Cressi Scuba System Package includes:

Cressi Start BCD

The Solid is a scuba diving jacket designed for intense use. Simple, strong, and effective, designed thinking in the needs of diving centers and professional diving companies that require a reliable product, high strength, and a contained cost. Extraordinary high-lift capacity thanks to its new pattern with oversized lateral lobes to optimize it, as well as the capacity of the pockets. Internal thermal welding with sectoring tubes to optimize lift capacity. See the description for details. Made of Cordura 500 Denier. The Cordura provides greater resistance to erosion due to long-term friction and prolongs the duration of the thermal welding as it is harder than Nylon. This feature is especially important for intense use and repetitive dives. Integrated compartments for fixing the Air Pressure Gauge and the Octopus. Size is shown on the shoulder pad. Great capacity pockets with 8-pitch zip closure. Inflator with a double air filtering system under the connecting stem of the hose and around the valve. Easily disassembled for small cleaning operations, even at the beach (sand infiltrations, etc). Rubber hose with a clamp to fix the inflator hose. Anchoring flap for the inflator hose in thermoplastic rubber. An Independent ventral strap separated from the inflatable bag and sash. It allows the limit to fit with the deflated vest without inflating pressure in the stomach. Elastic chest strap with integrated whistle. Lean backpack with reduced thickness to the maximum to lighten it. Very resistant and semi-flexible material. The shock absorber in thermoplastic rubber for better fixing of the tank. It is possible to use a double tank strap. Includes safety strap for fastening the BCD to the tank valve. Reinforcement in the neck to avoid possible tears due to falls of tanks when the BCD and regulator are mounted. Two dump valves (by puller) and overpressure plus another dump valve on top of the inflator hose with a non-return valve. Available D-rings at the shoulders and two more front side rings.

Key Features: 

    • 500D Cordura (exterior part) and 420D Nylon (interior)
    • 2 large accessory holder zip-up pockets
    • Light-weight, rigid backplate with carry handle
    • 3 overpressure dump valves
    • 2 25 mm technopolymer D-rings on the pockets
    • Size shown on shoulder straps
    • 50 mm shoulder straps with buckles

Cressi Compact AC2 Regulator

Ideal scuba diving regulator for beginners and travelers at an affordable price. Piston 1st stage plus a compact single-hull second stage. 1 HP and 4 LP ports. Weight: 923 g - 32.6 oz. 

Simple piston 1st stage, a "work mule" that is affordable, simple, reliable, and robust, suitable for intense use. This first stage is appreciated by dive centers and professional companies who consider it to be a very rentable tool, due to its low cost and practically nonexistent need for maintenance, as well as a surprising level of performance. Conical filter with large filtering capacity, essential for preventing infiltration of particles from the tanks.
This feature is especially important for regulators in dive schools and rental agencies. Airflow administered at 2100 l/min with an intermediate pressure drop in intensive breathing (2175 PSI | 150 BAR) 7÷12 PSI | 0.5÷0.8 BAR (measurement is taken at an LP port with the second stage connected and 2175 PSI pressure in the tank). Exterior LP regulation with a common hexagonal key, greatly facilitates managing adjustments and technical maintenance.

Greatly simplified single-hull 2nd stage made of ABS + elastomer of really compact size and extremely light. Its mechanism and development are perfectly planned to obtain the minimum number of components and great strength. It's a smart shopping option because of its combination of features - reliability - price - maintenance cost. Asymmetrical frontal 2nd stage cover drilling. The water flow pushes the diaphragm anti-clockwise direction to create its retraction in a flat position and to make the lever decrease gradually in precise perpendicularity, regardless of the condition. The specific calibration of the inhalation mechanism changes slightly the personality of air output according to the Ellipse series, rewarding an abundant flow without the need to exploit the Venturi effect, beyond the exquisite touch and sensitivity of these kinds of regulators. This feature provides a limited tendency to continuous flow on the surface or during the placement of equipment into the water, excellent for schools and renting (both the octopus and the double regulator). However, the results of the features place it beyond regulators of the highest range.

Key Features: 

  • Piston design
  • 1 outlet HP 7/16 UNF & 4 outlets LP 3/8 UNF
  • Service pressure: 232 BAR | 3365 PSI
  • Yoke version
  • Brass body Electroless Nickel plated
  • High capacity conical filter electroless nickel plated
  • AISI 316 long-lasting piston
  • Extremely easy to maintain since IP is adjustable from the outside
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Flow rate: 2100 l/min
  • Yoke version weight: 635 g | 22.4 oz
Edge Nano Octopus
The perfect no-frills octopus for any recreational design! Small compact design with a flexible hose.  Rugged and economical, this octopus is a great choice for a new diver’s rig or can take the high-use demands of a rental department. It can also be used with either Air or Nitrox up to 40 % right out-of-the-box. The sturdy ABS/Polycarbonate 2nd stage with Soft Push Silicone purge cover and soft bite mouthpiece weighs just 5.2 oz. and measures 3.25” by 2.5”. The small internal case dimensions result in an extremely low in water breathing effort.

Sea Elite Slimline 2 Gauge Console Global

This Global instrument has imperial measurements on the outer dial and metric measurements on the inner dial. A Compact 2 gauge Global Console built small and compact for less drag and weight in a streamlined rubber shock-resistant boot. The display is crisp easy-to-read numbers for tank pressure and depth, 5000 (PSI) and 350 Bar for Tank pressure, and 220 feet and 67 meters for depth gauge with a built-in maximum depth indicator. 

Optional Wrist Computer:  You can also choose to upgrade your package with a choice of optional wrist computers

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