2022 Liquid Force Launch Foil Package

2022 Liquid Force Launch Foil Package

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2022 Liquid Force Launch Foil Package


  • 2021 Liquid Force Launch Foilboard - 4'5"
  • Liquid Force Launch 120 Foil Set

Ready to learn? The Liquid Force Launch Foil Package includes the 2021 Launch Board and Launch 120 Foil Set - so you're ready to launch into your passion for foiling at an affordable price point.

2022 Liquid Force Launch Foil Board

Built with the first time foiler in mind! This all new 4’5” compression molded board features a large planning surface and a thinner cross section similar to a wakeboard. This gives way to easy board management and smooth deep water starts. The overall width of the board, flat tail rocker, chine rails, and wide shovel nose all help in the process of learning how the foil reacts while riding at a slower speed.

Essentially, it helps you get pass that 8 second ride…The foil track mounting system gives 4” of travel to adjust the foil depending on rider weight and skill level. Four insert positions allow for foot straps to aide in the ease of the learning process. As it says in its name, the Launch is the perfect board to get you out of the water and into the air.

Liquid Force Launch 120 Foil Set

First time foiling? No problem, this kit was built with you and mind. A small 24" Alloy Mast to keep you comfortable while beginning your foil career. Injection molded stabilizer wing to keep things easy and balanced and the perfect front wing for learning with the Flite 120 to allow you to "feel" the foil at low speeds before you start flying. Make it easy on yourself and your friends and learn to foil on the Launch Foil Set.


  • 24" Alloy Mast
  • Flite 120 Front Wing - Surface Area 1600 cm² | Wingspan 65 cm
  • Flite Rear Stabilizer Wing - Surface Area 278 cm²
  • 54 Bayonet Fuselage

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